BirthdayDecember 0, 1956
BirthplaceGeorgian SSR, USSR

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  1. About Boris Akunin

    Full name: Boris Akunin
    Also known as: Boris Akunin, Akunin, Boris
    Education: Institute of Asian and African Countries
    Professions: Russian writer
    Nationality: Russian
    Occupation: Writer, journalist, translator

  2. Boris Akunin Known for

    Turetskiy gambit (2005), The State Counsellor (2005), Azazel (2002), The Spy (2012)

  3. Boris Akunin Biography

    Boris Akunin (Russian: ????? ??????) is the pen name of Grigory Shalvovich Chkhartishvili (Russian: ???????? ???????? ???????????; Georgian: ?????? ???????????) (born May 20, 1956), a Russian writer of Georgian origin. He is best known as writer of detective and historical fiction, but he's also an essayist and literary translator. Grigory Chkhartishvili has also written under pen names Anatoly Brusnikin, Anna Borisova and Akunin-Chkhartishvili.

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