BirthdayApril 17, 1961
BirthplaceWest Islip, USA

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  1. About Boomer Esiason

    Full name: Boomer Esiason
    Also known as: Boomer Esiason, Esiason, Boomer
    Professions: American football player
    Work: Miss America Pageant co-host with Meredith Vieira

  2. Boomer Esiason Measurements

    Height: 6' 4" (1.93 m)
    Weight: 101.61

  3. Boomer Esiason Known for

    NFL Monday Night Football (1970), The Game Plan (2007), Super Bowl's Greatest Commercials 2012 (2012), 2003 Army-Navy Game (2003)

  4. Boomer Esiason Biography

    Norman Julius "Boomer" Esiason (/əˈsaɪ.əsən/; born April 17, 1961) is a retired American football quarterback and current network color commentator. During a 14-year career in the National Football League (NFL), Esiason played for the Cincinnati Bengals, New York Jets, and Arizona Cardinals. Since retiring, he has worked as a football analyst, first for ABC and HBO, and currently for CBS Sports on The NFL Today, Westwood One for Monday Night Football and the Super Bowl, and Showtime's Inside the NFL. Esiason is also co-host of the morning sports radio program Boomer and Carton on WFAN in New York.

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