BirthdayDecember 8, 1931

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  1. About Bob Arum

    Full name: Bob Arum
    Also known as: Bob Arum, Arum, Bob, Robert Arum
    Professions: Attorney and boxing promoter
    Nationality: United States
    Occupation: Boxing promoter

  2. Bob Arum Known for

    The Good Son: The Life of Ray Boom Boom Mancini (2013), Cornered: A Life Caught in the Ring (2008), Orthodox Stance (2007), Triumph and Tragedy: The Ray Mancini Story (2007)

  3. Bob Arum Biography

    Robert "Bob" Arum (born December 8, 1931 in New York City) is the founder and CEO of Top Rank, a professional boxing promotion company based in Las Vegas. He also worked for the US Attorney's Office for the southern district of New York in the tax division.

  4. Bob Arum Family

    Spouse: Lovee Duboef
    Childrens: with Spouse1:, --Dena DuBoef, --Richard Arum, --Todd DuBoef, Stepchildren with Duboef:, --John Arum, --Elizabeth Arum

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