BirthdayJanuary 22, 1897
BirthplaceBrenham, USA

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  1. About Blind Willie Johnson

    Full name: Blind Willie Johnson
    Also known as: Blind Willie Johnson, "Blind" Willie Johnson, Johnson, Blind Willie
    Professions: American blues and gospel singer and guitarist
    Work: "Keep Your Lamp Trimmed and Burning"
    Occupation: Musician, preacher

  2. Blind Willie Johnson Known for

    Public Enemies (2009), The Skeleton Key (2005), The Ladykillers (2004), The Gospel According to St. Matthew (1964)

  3. Blind Willie Johnson Death information

    Died: Tuesday, 18th of September, 1945 (Age: 48)

  4. Blind Willie Johnson Biography

    Gospel/blues singer and musician Blind Willie Johnson was born--as far as is known, since not much information is available about his early life--in 1902 in Marlin, TX. Supposedly, he was blinded when he was about three years old when his stepmother threw lye at his father during an argument, missed and it hit Willie in the face. He earned a ...

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