BirthdayApril 12, 1919
BirthplaceGlasgow, USA

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  1. About Billy Vaughn

    Full name: Billy Vaughn
    Also known as: Billy Vaughn, Vaughn, Billy
    Professions: singer, multi-instrumentalist, and orchestra leader

  2. Billy Vaughn Death information

    Died: Thursday, 26th of September, 1991 (Age: 72)

  3. Billy Vaughn Biography

    Composer/bandleader Billy Vaughn (born Richard Vaughn) was born in Glasgow, Kentucky. His father, a barber, was a music lover and that trait passed on to Billy--he taught himself to play the mandolin at age three. Over the years he learned to play a variety of other musical instruments. In 1941 Vaughn enlisted in the Army National Guard for a ...

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