BirthdayJanuary 10, 1919
BirthplaceCleveland, USA

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  1. About Billy Varga

    Full name: Billy Varga
    Also known as: Billy Varga, Count Billy Varga, Varga, Billy
    Professions: American wrestler and actor

  2. Billy Varga Measurements

    Height: 5' 11" (1.8 m)
    Weight: 90.72

  3. Billy Varga Known for

    Raging Bull (1980), Oklahoma Crude (1973), Twenty Plus Two (1961), Bodyhold (1949)

  4. Billy Varga Death information

    Died: Friday, 11th of January, 2013 (Age: 94)

  5. Billy Varga Biography

    William Joe Varga (January 10, 1919 - January 11, 2013), billed as Count Billy Varga, was an American professional wrestler and actor. He was born to Rose and Joe Varga, his father was a professional wrestler in Europe known as Count Joseph Varga and taught his son wrestling at the age of five. He attended Hollywood High School and graduated from the University of Southern California. Varga won the world's light-heavyweight title in 1941 and later joined the Navy until he arrived home in 1947. Varga's wrestling career began to fall apart in the 1970s as he was busy in TV and movie work.

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