BirthdayOctober 18, 1941
BirthplaceWheeling, USA

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  1. About Billy Cox

    Full name: Billy Cox
    Also known as: Billy Cox, Cox, Billy
    Professions: Actor, Soundtrack, Miscellaneous Crew
    Occupation: Musician

  2. Billy Cox Known for

    Jimi Hendrix (1973), Jimi Hendrix: Live at Woodstock (1999), Jimi Hendrix at the Isle of Wight (1991), Band of Gypsys: Live at the Fillmore East (1970)

  3. Billy Cox Biography

    William "Billy" Cox (born October 18, 1941) is an American bassist, best known for performing with Jimi Hendrix. Cox is the only surviving member of Jimi Hendrix's three main bands, including the original Experience lineup (which did not include Cox); he was in the Band of Gypsys and afterwards the Cry Of Love (a.k.a Jimi Hendrix New Experience) trio. Cox was also in the short-lived Hendrix band Gypsy Sun and Rainbows (there are other surviving members from this group) which played Woodstock, prior to the Band of Gypsys formation. Cox continues to perform dates with the Band of Gypsys Experience and the Experience Hendrix Tour.

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