BirthdayNovember 11, 1960
BirthplaceBronxville, USA

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  1. About Bill Lobley

    Full name: Bill Lobley
    Also known as: Bill Lobley, Lobley, Bill
    Professions: Actor, Writer, Soundtrack

  2. Bill Lobley Known for

    Sealab 2021 (2000), BioShock Infinite (2013), Ice Age: Continental Drift (2012), Top Cat: The Movie (2011)

  3. Bill Lobley Biography

    Bill Lobley (born in Bronxville, New York) is a comic actor known for his work in animation, commercials, and voiceovers for film, radio, and television; including the voice of the Parkay Margarine Tub in the late 90's, Adult Swim's Sealab 2021, and many best selling Video Games.

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