BirthdayDecember 17, 1926
BirthplaceLawrenceburg, USA

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  1. About Bill Keightley

    Full name: Bill Keightley
    Also known as: Bill Keightley, Keightley, Bill
    Professions: American basketball equipment manager
    Occupation: Equipment manager for University of Kentucky men's basketball, 1972–2008

  2. Bill Keightley Death information

    Died: Monday, 31st of March, 2008 (Age: 81)

  3. Bill Keightley Biography

    William (Bill) Bond Keightley (December 17, 1926 – March 31, 2008) was the equipment manager for the University of Kentucky men's basketball team, a position he held for 48 years.[1] Known affectionately to most as "Mr. Wildcat," players referred to him as "Mr. Bill" or "Big Smooth."

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