BirthdayJanuary 30, 1915
BirthplaceSeattle, USA

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  1. About Bill Hosokawa

    Full name: Bill Hosokawa
    Also known as: Bill Hosokawa, Hosokawa, Bill
    Professions: American journalist
    Occupation: Author and journalist

  2. Bill Hosokawa Death information

    Died: Friday, 9th of November, 2007 (Age: 92)

  3. Bill Hosokawa Biography

    William Kumpai Hosokawa (January 30, 1915 – November 9, 2007) was a Japanese American author and journalist who worked for 38 years at The Denver Post, before retiring as the editorial page editor from that particular paper in 1984. Hosokawa retired from the newspaper industry in 1992.Hosokawa was also a prolific author. His 1969 book Nisei: The Quiet Americans chronicles the experiences of second-generation Japanese-Americans, including the internment experience during World War II. His last work, Colorado's Japanese Americans from 1886 to the Present, was published in 2005. Other books include Out of the Frying Pan, Thirty-Five Years in the Frying Pan, Thunder in the Rockies, The Two Worlds of Jim Yoshida, and The Uranium Age.Hosokawa was a recipient of the 2007 Civil Rights Award from the Anti-Defamation League.

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