BirthdayDecember 16, 1961
BirthplaceValdosta, USA

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  1. About Bill Hicks

    Full name: Bill Hicks
    Also known as: Bill Hicks, Hicks, Bill
    Professions: American comedian and social critic
    Nationality: American

  2. Bill Hicks Measurements

    Height: 6' 1" (1.85 m)

  3. Bill Hicks Known for

    Comedy's Dirtiest Dozen (1988), Bill Hicks: Sane Man (1989), Bill Hicks: Revelations (1993), Bill Hicks Live: Satirist, Social Critic, Stand-up Comedian (2004)

  4. Bill Hicks Death information

    Died: Saturday, 26th of February, 1994 (Age: 32)

  5. Bill Hicks Biography

    William Melvin "Bill" Hicks (December 16, 1961 – February 26, 1994) was an American stand-up comedian, social critic, satirist and musician. His material, encompassing a wide range of social issues including religion, politics, and philosophy, was controversial, and often steeped in dark comedy. He criticized consumerism, superficiality, mediocrity, and banality within the media and popular culture, which he characterized as oppressive tools of the ruling class that "keep people stupid and apathetic".At the age of 16, while still in high school, he began performing at the Comedy Workshop in Houston, Texas. During the 1980s, he toured the United States extensively and made a number of high-profile television appearances; but it was in the UK that he amassed a significant fan base, filling large venues during his 1991 tour. He also achieved a modicum of recognition as a guitarist and songwriter.Hicks died of pancreatic cancer on February 26, 1994 in Little Rock, Arkansas, at the age of 32. In subsequent years – in particular after a series of posthumous album releases – his body of work gained a significant measure of acclaim in creative circles, and he developed a substantial cult following. In 2007, he was voted the fourth greatest stand-up comic on Channel 4's list of the UK's 100 Greatest Stand-Ups, and he maintained that ranking on the 2010 list.

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