BirthdayJuly 4, 1962
BirthplaceOakland, USA

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  1. About Bill Fulton

    Full name: Bill Fulton
    Also known as: Bill Fulton, William John Fulton, Fulton, William John
    Professions: Music Department, Composer, Actor
    Nationality: Australian
    Work: Member for Leichhardt
    Occupation: Business manager

  2. Bill Fulton Known for

    I Am Weasel (1997), Cow and Chicken (1995), Oh Yeah! Cartoons (1998), Boys Night Out (2003)

  3. Bill Fulton Death information

    Died: Tuesday, 15th of November, 1988 (Age: 26)

  4. Bill Fulton Biography

    William John "Bill" Fulton (18 June 1909 – 15 November 1988) was an Australian politician. Born in Cairns, Queensland, he was educated at state schools before becoming a business manager. He served in the military 1939-45. He also sat on Cairns City Council, serving as mayor 1952-59. In 1958, he was elected to the Australian House of Representatives as the Labor member for Leichhardt. He held the seat until his retirement in 1975. Fulton died in 1988.

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