BirthdayOctober 2, 1898
BirthplaceGreenwood, USA

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    Full name: Baron Keyes
    Professions: Soundtrack, Composer, Music Department

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    Baron Keyes, of Zeebrugge, and Dover in the County of Kent, is a title in the Peerage of the United Kingdom. It was created in 1943 for the prominent naval commander Admiral of the Fleet Sir Roger Keyes, 1st Baronet. He is chiefly remembered for his role in the Zeebrugge Raid in 1918, an attempt by the Royal Navy to neutralize the Belgian port of Zeebrugge which was used as a base for German submarine attacks on Allied shipping. Keyes had already been created a Baronet, of Zeebrugge, and of Dover in the County of Kent, in the Baronetage of the United Kingdom in 1919. Template:As of the titles are held by his grandson, the third Baron, who succeeded his father in 2005. He does not use his title.Geoffrey Charles Tasker Keyes, eldest son of the first Baron, was killed in 1941 during an attempt to capture General Erwin Rommel in Libya. For his actions, Keyes was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross.

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