BirthdayNovember 7, 1980
BirthplaceHorsens, Denmark

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  1. About Barbara Zatler

    Full name: Barbara Zatler
    Also known as: Barbara Zatler
    Professions: Danish model and actress, television personality

  2. Barbara Zatler Measurements

    Height: 5' 7" (1.7 m)

  3. Barbara Zatler Known for

    Klown (2010), Mental Distortion (2007), The Horror Vault Vol.1 (2008), Bleed with Me (2009)

  4. Barbara Zatler Biography

    Barbara Darinka Zatler (born November 7, 1980) is a Danish celebrity who is professionally known as Barbara Zatler. She is an actress, TV personality, model and comedian.Barbara was nominated in Euroman magazine, which is the biggest life style magazine in Denmark, where she was nominated as one of ten remarkable people in Denmark 2010.Barbara was featured in magazines like GQ South Africa, Maxim magazine Slovenia, Greece and FHM magazine in Denmark, USA, India, Turkey, Lime, Q, ALT for damerne and has worked with some of the best photographers like Anders Overgaard, Isak Hoffmeier, Nicky De Silva, Michael Vincent.

  5. Barbara Zatler Family

    Spouse: None
    Childrens: None
    Parents: Miriam Zatler, Poul Henning Jørgensen

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