BirthdayJuly 28, 1896
BirthplaceYakima, USA

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  1. About Barbara La Marr

    Full name: Barbara La Marr
    Also known as: Barbara La Marr, Marr, Barbara La, La Marr, Barbara
    Professions: Actress, screenwriter
    Occupation: Actress, cabaret artist, screenwriter

  2. Barbara La Marr Measurements

    Height: 5' 4" (1.63 m)

  3. Barbara La Marr Death information

    Died: Saturday, 30th of January, 1926 (Age: 29)
    Death cause: Tuberculosis and nephritis

  4. Barbara La Marr Biography

    Barbara La Marr (July 28, 1896 – January 30, 1926) was an American stage and film actress, cabaret artist, and screenwriter.La Marr was known as "The Girl Who Is Too Beautiful," after a Hearst newspaper feature writer, Adela Rogers St. Johns, saw a judge sending her home during the police beat in Los Angeles because she was too beautiful and young to be on her own in the big city.

  5. Barbara La Marr Family

    Spouse: Phil Ainsworth (divorced)

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