BirthdayJuly 3, 1936
BirthplaceMosjøen, Norway

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  1. About Baard Owe

    Full name: Baard Owe
    Also known as: Baard Owe, Owe, Baard
    Professions: Actor, Director

  2. Baard Owe Known for

    O'Horten (2007), Headhunters (2011), Gertrud (1964), Charlie Butterfly (2002)

  3. Baard Owe Biography

    Baard Owe (born July 3, 1936) is a Norwegian-born actor who has acted in many Scandinavian films and TV-series. He moved to Denmark in 1956, where he has lived and worked since.Owe is mostly known for his role as pathologist Dr. Bondo in the TV series Riget (The Kingdom), directed by Lars von Trier.In recent years he has made somewhat of a comeback in his native Norway, most notably when in 2007 he starred in the internationally acclaimed movie O'Horten.In addition Baard is the inventor of ToDo, which is a training system for actors. Owe uses anatomical, neurological and psychological techniques from mensendik and kungfu to teach actors to how to access their inner source of expression.Sometimes credited as Bård Owe.

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