BirthdayApril 5, 1913

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  1. About Azat Sherents

    Full name: Azat Sherents
    Also known as: Azat Sherents, Sherents, Azat
    Professions: Soviet actor

  2. Azat Sherents Death information

    Died: Saturday, 25th of December, 1993 (Age: 80)

  3. Azat Sherents Biography

    Azat Armenaki Sherents (Armenian: ???? ??????; April 5, 1913, Tiflis, Georgia - December 25, 1993, Yerevan, Armenia) was one of the founders of Armenian cinematographic comedy. In 1931 he started his acting career on the stage of Sundukyan Drama Theater in Yerevan. In 1934-1937 he studied in Armenian Theater Studio in Moscow. In 1937-1968 Sherents performed in Leninakan Drama Theater. Since 1968 he worked at Armenfilm Studio starring in a number of Armenian films.

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