BirthdayMarch 3, 1914
BirthplaceVejrum, Denmark

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  1. About Asger Jorn

    Full name: Asger Jorn
    Also known as: Asger Jorn, Jorn, Asger
    Professions: Danish artist

  2. Asger Jorn Death information

    Died: Tuesday, 1st of May, 1973 (Age: 59)

  3. Asger Jorn Biography

    Asger Oluf Jorn (3 March 1914 – 1 May 1973) was a Danish painter, sculptor, ceramic artist, and author. He was a founding member of the avant-garde movement COBRA and the Situationist International. He was born in Vejrum, in the northwest corner of Jutland, Denmark, and baptized Asger Oluf Jørgensen.The largest collection of Asger Jorn's works—including his major work Stalingrad—can be seen in the Museum Jorn, Silkeborg, Denmark.

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