BirthdayApril 16, 1889
BirthplacePhiladelphia, USA

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  1. About Arthur Lange

    Full name: Arthur Lange
    Also known as: Arthur Lange, Lange, Arthur
    Professions: Music Department, Composer, Soundtrack

  2. Arthur Lange Known for

    The Great Ziegfeld (1936), The Woman in the Window (1944), The Hollywood Revue of 1929 (1929), Lady of Burlesque (1943)

  3. Arthur Lange Death information

    Died: Friday, 7th of December, 1956 (Age: 67)

  4. Arthur Lange Biography

    Arthur Lange (April 16, 1889 – December 7, 1956) was a United States bandleader and Tin Pan Alley composer of popular music. He composed music for over 120 films, including Grand Canary and Woman on the Run. Lange shared an Oscar nomination with Hugo Friedhofer for the film The Woman in the Window. All in all he was nominated four times for Oscars but did not win any.In the 1910s Lange was active as a songwriter, collaborating frequently with lyricist Andrew B. Sterling and publishing with the Joe Morris Music Company. During the first half of the 1920s Lange recorded copiously for Cameo Records. His 1923 orchestra, which also played the Cinderella Ballroom on Broadway and which included "hot" trumpeters Earl Oliver and Tommy Gott, was at the end of that year bought by young well-to-do bandleader Roger Wolfe Kahn, and it is not known whether the recordings Lange made after this point and up to 1926 were still made by these musicians (Kahn himself didn't start recording under his own name for Victor Records until March 1925) or by another group. His 1928 recordings for Pathé Records were however almost certainly made by another unknown personnel. Though Lange himself played both piano and banjo he seems (with the exception of a recording by his "Lange trio" in 1922) to have only acted as conductor and arranger on his band recording dates.Census records show that Lange shared a residence in the Hollywood Hills in 1930 with Ray Heindorf, who would go on to win three Academy Awards.Lange was a prolific arranger of dance band orchestrations during the 1920s. His "stock" orchestrations were in use by many bands of the day. Lange wrote "Arranging for the Modern Dance Orchestra" which was the definitive work of its day (published Robbins Music, 1926).

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