BirthdayJune 22, 1908

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  1. About Arthur Evans

    Full name: Arthur Evans
    Also known as: Sir Arthur Evans, Arthur John Evans, Evans, Arthur John
    Education: University of Oxford
    Professions: Camera Department, Miscellaneous Crew

  2. Arthur Evans Known for

    Blow-Up (1966), Over the Odds (1961), Night and the City (1950), 633 Squadron (1964)

  3. Arthur Evans Death information

    Died: Friday, 11th of July, 1941 (Age: 33)

  4. Arthur Evans Biography

    Sir Arthur John Evans FRS (8 July 1851 – 11 July 1941) was an English archaeologist most famous for unearthing the palace of Knossos on the Greek island of Crete and for developing the concept of Minoan civilization from the structures and artifacts found there and elsewhere throughout the eastern Mediterranean. Evans was the first to define Cretan scripts Linear A and Linear B, as well as an earlier pictographic writing.Along with Heinrich Schliemann, Evans was a pioneer in the study of Aegean civilization in the Bronze Age. The two men knew of each other. Evans visited Schliemann's sites. Schliemann had planned to excavate at Knossos, but died before fulfilling that dream. Evans bought the site and stepped in to take charge of the project, which was then still in its infancy. He continued Schliemann's concept of Mycenaean civilization but soon found that he needed to distinguish another civilization, the Minoan.In addition to his archaeological contributions, Evans fulfilled a role in the British Empire for which there is no proper word in formal English. Although he was not a professional statesman or soldier, and was probably never a paid agent of the government, he nevertheless negotiated or played a role in negotiating unofficially with foreign powers in the Middle East. He was, on request of the revolutionary organizations of the peoples of the Balkans, a significant player in the formation of the nation of Yugoslavia. That nation sent representatives to his funeral in 1941. This role was one outcome of the informal network of associations created by the 19th century British educational system, of which Evans was, so to speak, a charter member.

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