BirthdayNovember 9, 1972

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  1. About Art Whitney

    Full name: Art Whitney
    Also known as: Art Whitney, Whitney, Art
    Professions: Major League Baseball player

  2. Art Whitney Death information

    Died: Sunday, 15th of August, 1943 (Age: 29)

  3. Art Whitney Biography

    Arthur Wilson Whitney (January 16, 1858 – August 15, 1943) was an American professional baseball player whose career spanned from 1877 to 1893. He played 11 seasons in Major League Baseball, principally as a third baseman (802 games) and shortstop (168 games), for eight different major league clubs.Whitney's longest stretches were with the Pittsburg Alleghenys (368 games, 1884–1887) and New York Giants (219 games, 1888–1889). He helped the Giants win the 1888 and 1889 World Series.In 11 major league seasons, Whitney compiled a .223 batting average and a .285 on-base percentage, scored 475 runs, and had 820 hits, including 137 extra base hits. Whitney's true value, however, was as a defensive player on the infield. He four times led his league in fielding percentage, three times as a third baseman (1886, 1887, and 1891) and once as a shortstop (1885). In 1886, his Defensive WAR rating of 1.6 was the fourth highest among all position players in the American Association. His career range factor of 3.39 at third base remains the 23rd highest in major league history.

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