BirthdayApril 27, 1922
BirthplaceCiecina, Poland

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  1. About Antoni Jurasz

    Full name: Antoni Jurasz
    Also known as: Antoni Jurasz, Jurasz, Antoni
    Professions: Polish physician

  2. Antoni Jurasz Death information

    Died: Thursday, 12th of July, 1923 (Age: 1)

  3. Antoni Jurasz Biography

    Antoni Stanis?aw Jurasz (November 24, 1847 - July 12, 1923) was a Polish laryngologist who was a native of Sp?awie (Posen). He was the father of surgeon Antoni Tomasz Jurasz (1882-1961).He studied medicine at the Universities of Greifswald and W├╝rzburg, and in 1872 became a clinical assistant at Heidelberg. Here he worked with pediatric illnesses, and diseases of the pharynx, nose and throat. In 1881 Jurasz was appointed associate professor at the University.In 1908 he relocated as a full professor to the University of Lviv, where he was also director of the otolaryngology clinic. In 1920 he moved to the recently founded University of Pozna?.Jurasz is remembered for his pioneer work in rhinoscopy, and is credited with the construction and modification of a number of medical instruments used in the field of rhinolaryngology, including a specialized tool known as a nasopharynx forceps.

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