BirthdayDecember 3, 1883

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  1. About Anton Webern

    Full name: Anton Webern
    Also known as: Anton Webern, Webern, Anton
    Professions: Composer, Music Department, Soundtrack
    Work: "Fahr hin, o Seel, zu deinem Gott"

  2. Anton Webern Known for

    The Exorcist (1973), Woman in Chains (1968), Le gynécologue et sa secrétaire (1987), The Flame of Functionalism (1989)

  3. Anton Webern Death information

    Died: Saturday, 15th of September, 1945 (Age: 61)

  4. Anton Webern Biography

    Anton Webern (German: [ˈantɔn ˈveːbɐn] (13px ); 3 December 1883 – 15 September 1945) was an Austrian composer and conductor. He was a member of the Second Viennese School. As a student, significant follower of, and influence on Arnold Schoenberg, he became one of the best-known exponents of the twelve-tone technique. His characteristically unique innovations regarding schematic organization of pitch, rhythm and dynamics were formative in the musical technique later known as total serialism, so much so as to focus the attention of his posthumous reception in a direction away from, if not apparently antithetical to, his affiliations with German Romanticism and Expressionism.

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