BirthdayDecember 24, 1942
BirthplaceDublin, Ireland

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  1. About Anthony Clare

    Full name: Anthony Clare
    Also known as: Anthony Clare, Clare, Anthony
    Professions: Professor of Psychiatry
    Nationality: Irish
    Occupation: Psychiatrist, author, broadcaster

  2. Anthony Clare Known for

    In the Psychiatrist's Chair

  3. Anthony Clare Death information

    Died: Sunday, 28th of October, 2007 (Age: 64)

  4. Anthony Clare Biography

    Anthony Clare was born on December 24, 1942 in Dublin, Ireland as Anthony Ward Clare. He was married to Jane Hogan. He died on October 29, 2007 in Paris, France.

  5. Anthony Clare Family

    Spouse: Jane Hogan

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