BirthdayMay 23, 1920
BirthplaceBamberg, Germany

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  1. About Annette von Aretin

    Full name: Annette von Aretin
    Also known as: Aretin, Annette Von, Annette Von Aretin
    Professions: Bavarian television announcer
    Work: Annette von Aretin ist tot

  2. Annette von Aretin Death information

    Died: Wednesday, 1st of March, 2006 (Age: 85)

  3. Annette von Aretin Biography

    Annette von Aretin (23 May 1920 in Bamberg – 1 March 2006 in Munich) was christened Marie Adelheid Kunigunde Felicitas Elisabeth, Freiin von Aretin.She was the first Bavarian television announcer. She gained popularity by appearing on the panel of Robert Lembke's quiz show Was bin ich? (What is my profession?), which was broadcast on German national television, for 34 years.

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