BirthdayOctober 3, 1944

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  1. About Anne Wills

    Full name: Anne Wills
    Also known as: Anne Wills, Wills, Anne
    Professions: Australian television presenter

  2. Anne Wills Biography

    Anne Shirley ("Willsy") Wills (born 3 October 1944 in Wangaratta, Victoria) was an Adelaide based Australian television and radio personality.In 1946, when she was two years old, she moved with her family to Ocean Island in the Central Pacific (near Nauru) and lived there until the family moved to Adelaide in 1963. Willsy holds the record for the most number of Logies won by a person in the history of the awards, winning 19 Most Popular State Personality Logies, and one as producer of Clapperboard.Willsy was spotted by Channel 9 executives during the 1964 Telethon Quest, and was offered the job of weather girl on NWS9, which began in July, 1965.As well as appearing on a number of national TV programs such as In Melbourne Tonight, The Bert Newton Show and Good Morning Australia, Willsy has presented and appeared on many Adelaide based TV programs. These include A.M. Adelaide, Movie Scene and Close Up with Willsy. She was also the weather presenter for SAS-7 Seven Nightly News for a number of years and, as of November 2013, has a regular weekly afternoon segment on Adelaide AM radio station FiveAA, featuring celebrity gossip.Willsy is known for her love of over-the-top earrings.

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