BirthdayDecember 0, 1986
BirthplaceBerlin, Germany

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  1. About Anne Helm

    Full name: Anne Helm
    Also known as: Anne Helm, Helm, Anne
    Professions: Actress and writer
    Residence: Pasadena, California, USA
    Occupation: Actress

  2. Anne Helm Biography

    Anne Helm (born September 12, 1938) is a retired actress, born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and a current resident of Pasadena, California.Living in New York City, Helm began her pursuit of an acting career, which eventually led to Hollywood. Beginning in the 1950s, she made guest appearances on different television series and made her motion picture debut in 1960.Helm was cast as Linda Moon in the 1960 episode "A Thief or Two" on CBS's anthology series, The DuPont Show with June Allyson, with co-star Lew Ayres. She appeared on the CBS western series, Rawhide in the episodes "Incident Near Gloomy River (1961) and "Inside Man" (1962). She guest starred in an episode of the CBS sitcom, My Sister Eileen, with Elaine Stritch and Shirley Bonne.In 1961, she guest-starred in the premiere episode of ABC's Bus Stop drama series with Marilyn Maxwell, a one-season drama set about a bus station/diner in fictitious Sunrise, Colorado. That same year, she appeared in the first season of CBS's Route 66 in the episode "The Clover Throne", and in the syndicated crime drama The Brothers Brannagan in the episode "Equinox". She also played Glamis Barlow, the title character, in the Perry Mason episode, "The Case of the Duplicate Daughter."Helm drew national recognition as the love interest of Elvis Presley in his 1962 film, Follow That Dream. She made five more films during the 1960s.Helm made 3 appearances on Wagon Train, an American Western series that ran on NBC 1957–62 and then on ABC 1962–65. The first episode Helm was on was entitled The Dick Pederson Story (10 Jan. 1962), the second episode was entitled Heather and Hamish (10 Apr. 1963) & the third episode was entitled The Story of Cain (16 Dec. 1963).On January 15, 1963, Helm guest starred in the episode "Protective Custody" of NBC's Laramie western series. David Brian played Walt Douglas, an official of the stage line, who arrives in Laramie seeking his estranged daughter, Alicia, portrayed by Helm. Series character Jess Harper (Robert Fuller) knows Alicia as a saloon hostess using the name Lenora. Alicia is involved with two outlaws, Cass and Willard, played by Ron Hayes and Gregory Walcott, respectively, who aim to steal a mining payroll. Series character Slim Sherman (John Smith) tries to bring about reconciliation between Walt and Alicia, but Alicia shoots her father. Slim keeps the wounded Walt and Alicia at his relay station pending a hearing while Cass and Willard plan to seize the payroll when it is dropped off at the relay station.Later in 1963, she was cast as Joanie in the series finale, "The Convention," of the modern western series, Empire, with Richard Egan as rancher Jim Redigo other guest stars Diane Brewster, Alan Hale, Jr., and L.Q. Jones.In 1965 Helm was cast in the ABC western series, The Big Valley, which starred Barbara Stanwyck. Her first appearance was on October 20th, 1965 in the First season episode Heritage in the role of Brydie Hanrahan. Helm then returned on Ma

  3. Anne Helm Family

    Spouse: John Sherlock

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