BirthdayAugust 30, 1958
BirthplaceNew York City, USA

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  1. About Anna Politkovskaya

    Full name: Anna Politkovskaya
    Also known as: Anna Stepanovna Politkovskaya, Anna Politkovskaya, (Анна Политковская), Politkovskaya, Anna Stepanovna
    Education: Moscow State University
    Professions: Russian journalist
    Religion: Russian Orthodox
    Nationality: Russian
    Work: “The Chronicles of Hell” Exhibition dedicated to the memory of Anna Politkovskaya
    Occupation: Journalist, writer

  2. Anna Politkovskaya Death information

    Died: Saturday, 7th of October, 2006 (Age: 48)

  3. Anna Politkovskaya Biography

    Anna Politkovskaya, a courageous Russian journalist who made enemies among Russia's official and unofficial power and survived more than one attempt on her life, was murdered in Moscow on the day of president Putin's birthday. She will remain the epitome of what an independent journalist should be. She was born Anna Stepanovna Mazepa on August 30, ...

  4. Anna Politkovskaya Family

    Spouse: Alexander Politkovsky
    Childrens: Ilya, Vera

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