BirthdayMay 23, 1940

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  1. About Ann Hood

    Full name: Ann Hood
    Also known as: Ann Hood, Hood, Ann
    Professions: Novelist, short story writer, memoirist
    Occupation: Novelist, Short-story writer, Memoirist

  2. Ann Hood Biography

    Ann Hood (born 1956) is an American novelist and short story writer; she has also written nonfiction. The author of fifteen books, her essays and short stories have appeared in many journals, magazines, and anthologies, including The Paris Review, Ploughshares,, and Tin House. Hood is a regular contributor to The New York Times' Op-Ed page, Home Economics column.She is a faculty member in the MFA in Creative Writing program at The New School in New York City. Hood was born in West Warwick, Rhode Island, and now lives in Providence with her husband and their children.

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