BirthdayJanuary 2, 1968
BirthplaceErp, Netherlands

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  1. About Anky van Grunsven

    Full name: Anky van Grunsven
    Also known as: Anky van Grunsven, Grunsven, Anky van
    Professions: Equestrian
    Work: Flagbearer for

  2. Anky van Grunsven Biography

    Theodora Elisabeth Gerarda ("Anky") van Grunsven (born 2 January 1968) is a Dutch dressage champion who holds the record for the most Olympic medals won by any equestrian athlete and is the only rider to record three successive Olympic wins in the same event. Along with her Olympic successes, she has won numerous medals at the World Equestrian Games (WEG), and is the only rider to have competed at every WEG since they began in 1990. Between 1990 and 2006, she competed at the Games in dressage, but in 2010 she was named as part of the Dutch reining team, marking a major change in discipline.In addition to her Olympic and World Equestrian Games successes, van Grunsven holds the record for the most wins at the Dressage World Cup, winning the event nine times between 1995 and 2008. She has also competed numerous times at the European Dressage Championships, winning seven individual medals and eight team medals between 1991 and 2009. Although van Grunsven has ridden many horses over her career, she won the majority of her top events on two horses: Bonfire and Salinero. Bonfire, upon whom she had many of her early successes, was retired in 2002. Salinero quickly took over as van Grunsven's top horse, and remained in that position until his retirement in 2013, after making a major comeback to compete in the 2012 Olympic Games. Van Grunsven has been closely linked with the controversial training method rollkur, although she has moved to distance herself from the practice after it was banned from international competition.

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