BirthdayJune 7, 1916

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  1. About Andrew Solt

    Full name: Andrew Solt
    Also known as: Andrew Solt, Solt, Andrew
    Professions: American filmmaker
    Occupation: President of sofa entertainment

  2. Andrew Solt Known for

    In a Lonely Place (1950), Little Women (1949), Joan of Arc (1948), The Jolson Story (1946)

  3. Andrew Solt Biography

    Andrew Solt (born December 13, 1947) is a producer, director, writer and documentary filmmaker. He has done numerous television specials and series for both broadcast and cable television and also movies. Solt owns the rights to The Ed Sullivan Show library and has produced over 100 hours of new programming from the archive. A frequent focus of his documentaries is rock and roll music, its history and star performers.

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