BirthdayNovember 6, 1925
BirthplaceGlasgow, UK

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  1. About Andrew Mitchell

    Full name: Andrew Mitchell
    Also known as: Mitchell, Andrew, Andrew Mitchell
    Education: Jesus College, Cambridge
    Professions: Producer, Miscellaneous Crew
    Nationality: British
    Work: Conservative Chief Whip of the House of Commons

  2. Andrew Mitchell Known for

    Are You Being Served? (1977), Summer Holiday (1963), Hand in Hand (1961), Wonderful to Be Young! (1961)

  3. Andrew Mitchell Biography

    Andrew John Bower Mitchell (born 23 March 1956) is a British Conservative Party politician who has been the Member of Parliament (MP) for Sutton Coldfield since 2001. He was the MP for Gedling from 1987 to 1997. He served in the Cabinet as Secretary of State for International Development from 2010 to 2012, and then briefly as Government Chief Whip in the House of Commons until he resigned after losing the confidence of many of his colleagues following an alleged altercation with a police officer.Mitchell was elected President of the Cambridge Union in 1978. A former United Nations military peacekeeper, he has extensive pre-government experience of the developing world, and is the founder of Project Umubano, a Conservative Party social action project in Rwanda and Sierra Leone in central and west Africa, launched in 2007.

  4. Andrew Mitchell Family

    Spouse: Sharon, née Bennett

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