BirthdayFebruary 5, 1978
BirthplaceÃ…rhus, Denmark

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  1. About Anders Walter

    Full name: Anders Walter
    Also known as: Anders Walter, Walter, Anders
    Professions: Writer, Director, Visual Effects

  2. Anders Walter Known for

    Helium (2013), 9 meter (2012), Katusha (2014), Den Talende Kuffert (2011)

  3. Anders Walter Biography

    Anders Walter is a Danish Academy Award winning film maker.At the 86th Academy Awards held in March 2014, Walter and fellow producer Kim Magnusson won an Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film for the 2013 film Helium. In 2012 his short film 9 meter was shortlisted for the Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film.He is twin-brother of Danish singer Rasmus Walter.

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