BirthdayMarch 5, 1962
BirthplaceCarthage, Tunisia

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  1. About Amina Annabi

    Full name: Amina Annabi
    Also known as: Amina Annabi, Annabi, Amina
    Professions: Actress, Soundtrack, Music Department
    Occupation: Singer-songwriter, actress

  2. Amina Annabi Known for

    The Sheltering Sky (1990), Cairo Time (2009), Inch'Allah dimanche (2001), The Advocate (1993)

  3. Amina Annabi Biography

    Template:Multiple issuesAmina Annabi (Arabic: ????? ???????, Amina Al-Annabi) (born 5 March 1962, Carthage, Tunisia) is a French-Tunisian singer-songwriter and actress, most famous for finishing second in the tied 1991 Eurovision Song Contest, held in Rome. Amina finished second after a countback, scoring equal 146 points alongside Carola from Sweden.

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