BirthdayDecember 0, 1957
BirthplaceBabylon, Iraq

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  1. About Amer Alwan

    Full name: Amer Alwan
    Also known as: Amer Alwan, Alwan, Amer
    Professions: Iraqi French film director

  2. Amer Alwan Known for

    Zaman: The Man from the Reeds (2003), Les enfants de l'embargo (2003), The Girl on the Train (2009), Back to Babylon (2002)

  3. Amer Alwan Biography

    Amer Alwan (born 1957 in Babylon, Iraq) is an Iraqi French film director. Alwan was forced to shoot his movie Zaman, The Man From The Reeds on videotape, as when Iraq was under severe economic sanctions the United Nations and United States, would not allow Iraq to import 35 and 16 millimeter film stocks, because they believed that the materials contained some chemicals that could have been used to produce weapons of mass destruction. So, he then transfer it to 35-millimeter film when he went back to Paris, where he has lived since 1980. He also had issues dealing with the Iraqi government censors. The film was shown at several film festivals in Europe, Latin America as well as the United States.

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