BirthdayDecember 30, 1978
BirthplaceLima, Peru

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  1. About Alonso Mayo

    Full name: Alonso Mayo
    Also known as: Alonso Mayo, Mayo, Alonso
    Education: AFI Conservatory
    Professions: Director, Editor, Cinematographer
    Occupation: Film director, screenwriter

  2. Alonso Mayo Known for

    The Story of Luke (2012), Wednesday Afternoon (2004), Keeper of the Past (2005), Silencio (2002)

  3. Alonso Mayo Biography

    Alonso is a Film & Journalism graduate from the University of Lima, Peru, and the Film Directing program at the American Film Institute. His thesis film Wednesday Afternoon (2004) won the Student Academy Award (Gold Medal - Narrative, 2005). He's directed the documentaries Viva la causa (2008) and Just Like Anyone (2008), and the web series ...

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