BirthdayJuly 4, 1966
BirthplaceGlen Ridge, USA

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  1. About Alison Stewart

    Full name: Alison Stewart
    Also known as: Alison Stewart, Stewart, Alison
    Professions: American journalist

  2. Alison Stewart Known for

    The Real World Reunion (1995), Michael Jackson's Scream: HIStory in the Making - An MTV News Special (1995), The Real World Reunion: Inside Out (1996), The Most (2006)

  3. Alison Stewart Biography

    Before coming to ABCNEWS, Stewart was a correspondent for CBS News' Sunday Morning, since 1998. While reporting for Sunday Morning, Stewart also contributed to other CBS News broadcasts, including This Morning, the Evening News, and 48 Hours. She first joined CBS as a general assignment correspondent in December 1996. At CBS News, Stewart reported...

  4. Alison Stewart Family

    Spouse: Bill Wolff (television executive)

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