BirthdayDecember 0, 1887
BirthplaceTeheran, Persia

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  1. About Ali-Naqi Vaziri

    Full name: Ali-Naqi Vaziri
    Also known as: Ali-Naqi Vaziri, Ali Vaziri, علینقی وزيری, Vaziri, Ali
    Professions: Iranian musician
    Occupation: Player of the tar

  2. Ali-Naqi Vaziri Death information

    Died: Sunday, 9th of September, 1979 (Age: 92)

  3. Ali-Naqi Vaziri Biography

    Ali-Naqi Vaziri (1887 in Tehran, Iran – September 9, 1979) was a musicologist, composer, a celebrated player of the tar, and the founder of the Academy of Music of Iran as well of Iran's National Orchestra.Ali-Naqi Vasiri (better known as Colonel Ali-Naqi Vasiri) is one of the seven children of Musa Khan Vaziri (a prominent official in the Persian Cossack Brigade) and Bibi Khatoon Astarabadi, a notable Iranian writer, satirist and one of the pioneering figures in the women's movement of Iran; her book Ma'ayeb al-Rejal (Failings of Men, also translated as Vices of Men) is considered by some as the first declaration of women's rights in the modern history of Iran. The celebrated artistic painter Hasan Vaziri is Ali-Naqi's brother.Ali-Naqi Vaziri was a master of Iran's classical music so that he was able to play the tar in a style very reminiscent of that of Mirza Abdollah. He always looked for new dimensions and perspectives in musical expression, and by doing so he revolutionized the style of playing the tar. He was the first to transcribe the classical radif of the Persian music.

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