BirthdayNovember 20, 1928
BirthplaceVladimir, USSR

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  1. About Aleksey Batalov

    Full name: Aleksey Batalov
    Also known as: Aleksey Batalov, (Алексе́й Бата́лов)
    Professions: Russian Actor and Director
    Nationality: Russian

  2. Aleksey Batalov Known for

    The Cranes Are Flying (1957), Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears (1980), Hedgehog in the Fog (1975), The Lady with the Dog (1960)

  3. Aleksey Batalov Biography

    Aleksei Vladimirovich Batalov was born on November 20, 1928, into the family of a famous Russian theatrical actor Vladimir Batalov. He was born in the city of Vladimir, near Moscow, where his grandmother was the Doctor General at the Vladimir city hospital. His father, named Vladimir Petrovich Batalov and his mother, named Nina Antonovna ...

  4. Aleksey Batalov Family

    Spouse: Gitana Leontenko
    Parents: Vladimir Batalov, Nina Olshevskaya

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