BirthdayJanuary 25, 1927

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    Full name: Albert Heijn
    Also known as: Albert Heijn

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    Albert Heijn B.V. is a supermarket chain founded in 1887 in Oostzaan, Netherlands. It is named after Albert Heijn, Sr., the founder of the first store in Oostzaan.Albert Heijn is the oldest organization owned and operated by the Dutch supermarket operator Ahold. The founder of the company (Albert Heijn) was born in 1865. In fact, the name "Ahold" is short for Albert Heijn Holding. The stores are full service markets (as opposed to discounters) known for their focus on quality stores and products. This focus on superior products is part of the reason that Albert Heijn is regarded as one of the more expensive supermarkets in the Netherlands, Belgium and CuraƧao. However, after a recent price war - initiated by Albert Heijn itself and involving nearly all Dutch supermarket chains from late 2003 all the way into 2006 - the prices are now at a more normal level.At the moment, Albert Heijn's market share is around 30%. The company's logo consists of a stylized "ah" beside a white swoosh.

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