BirthdayDecember 29, 1953

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  1. About Alan Rusbridger

    Full name: Alan Rusbridger
    Also known as: Alan Rusbridger, Rusbridger, Alan
    Education: Magdalene College, Cambridge
    Professions: British newspaper editor
    Work: Deputy Editor of The Guardian
    Occupation: Chair of Scott Trust Limited

  2. Alan Rusbridger Known for

    True Stories: Wikileaks - Secrets and Lies (2011), Mediastan (2013), Fields of Gold (2002), Charlie Rose (1991)

  3. Alan Rusbridger Biography

    Alan Charles Rusbridger (born 29 December 1953) is a British journalist and the editor of The Guardian. He took up the post in 1995, having been a reporter and columnist earlier in his career.

  4. Alan Rusbridger Family

    Spouse: Lindsay Mackie

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