BirthdayFebruary 2, 1915
BirthplaceHiroshima, Japan

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  1. About Akiko Futaba

    Full name: Akiko Futaba
    Also known as: Akiko Futaba, Futaba, Akiko
    Professions: Actress, Soundtrack

  2. Akiko Futaba Death information

    Died: Tuesday, 16th of August, 2011 (Age: 96)

  3. Akiko Futaba Biography

    Akiko Futaba (?? ???, Futaba Akiko, born Yoshie Kato (?? ??); February 2, 1915 – August 16, 2011) was a Japanese popular music (ry?k?ka) singer. At of the end of World War II, she was one of the most popular female singers in Japan, competing with Hamako Watanabe and Noriko Awaya. In addition, she took part in the K?haku Uta Gassen, one of Japan's most famous annual musical television shows, ten times.

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