BirthdayMarch 0, 1937

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  1. About Ahmed Yassin

    Full name: Ahmed Yassin
    Also known as: Ahmed Yassin, (أحمد ياسين), (Sheikh), Yassin, Ahmed
    Education: Al-Azhar University
    Professions: Palestinian politician
    Work: "Sharon was after the Yassin's murder"
    Occupation: Activist, teacher, imam, politician

  2. Ahmed Yassin Death information

    Died: Monday, 22nd of March, 2004 (Age: 67)
    Death cause: Assassination

  3. Ahmed Yassin Biography

    Sheikh Ahmed Ismail Hassan Yassin (1937 – 22 March 2004) (Arabic: الشيخ أحمد إسماعيل حسن ياسين‎ ash-shaykh Aḥmad Ismāʻīl Ḥasan Yāsīn) was a Palestinian imam and politician. He was a founder of Hamas, an Islamist Palestinian paramilitary organization and political party. Yassin also served as the spiritual leader of the organization. Hamas gained popularity in Palestinian society by establishing hospitals, education systems, libraries and other services, but it has also claimed responsibility for a number of suicide attacks targeting Israeli civilians, leading to its designation as a terrorist organization by the European Union, Israel, Japan, Canada, and the United States.Yassin, a quadriplegic who was nearly blind, had used a wheelchair since a sporting accident at the age of 12. He was killed when an Israeli helicopter gunship fired a missile at him as he was being wheeled from early morning prayers. His killing, in an attack that claimed the lives of both his bodyguards and nine bystanders, was widely condemned and many observers suggested that the act would negatively impact the peace process. 200,000 Palestinians attended his funeral procession.

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