BirthdayJanuary 28, 1972
BirthplaceFort Knox, USA

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  1. About Adam Stein

    Full name: Adam Stein
    Also known as: Adam Stein, Stein, Adam
    Professions: American film director
    Occupation: Film director, screenwriter and editor

  2. Adam Stein Known for

    Matt in Love (1999), Clowns (2000), Happy End (2003), Law & Order (1990)

  3. Adam Stein Biography

    Adam Stein is an American film director, writer and editor working in Los Angeles, California.Stein graduated from Harvard University and attended film school at the University of Southern California, with a focus on directing. Prior to working as a director, he edited several independent features that played at film festivals such as Sundance, Tribeca, and SXSW.

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