BirthdayNovember 10, 1969
BirthplaceLos Angeles, USA

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  1. About Abby Travis

    Full name: Abby Travis
    Also known as: Abby Travis, Travis, Abby
    Professions: Actress, Music Department, Soundtrack

  2. Abby Travis Known for

    Ave 43 (2009), Weatherman '69 (1989), The Devil's Muse (2007), Shadow Hours (2000)

  3. Abby Travis Biography

    Abby Travis (born November 10, 1969 in Los Angeles, California) is an American musician, songwriter, and performer. She is the daughter of Alice Travis Germond, the current Secretary of the Democratic National Committee and Emmy award winning cameraman Larry Travis.Abby Travis began her performance career in 1986 as the bassist in Los Angeles band The Lovedolls, who were spawned from the cult films Desperate Teenage Lovedolls and "Lovedolls Superstar" directed by Dave Markey. In 1989 Travis joined power pop trio The Rails. In 1993 Travis began working as a bass player for hire. She has toured, recorded, or both with The Go Go's, The Eagles of Death Metal, Masters of Reality, The Bangles, KMFDM, Beck, and Elastica among others.She is currently playing bass for The Go-Gos.Abby's first solo record was released under the moniker The Abby Travis Foundation; the rest have been under her own. To date she has released at total of 4 solo albums: The Abby Travis Foundation (1998), Cutthroat Standards & Black Pop (2000), GlitterMouth (2006), and IV (2012).

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