BirthdayOctober 14, 1930

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  1. About Syed Mustafa Siraj

    Full name: Syed Mustafa Siraj
    Also known as: Syed Mustafa Siraj, Siraj, Syed Mustafa
    Professions: Writer

  2. Syed Mustafa Siraj Death information

    Died: Tuesday, 4th of September, 2012 (Age: 81)

  3. Syed Mustafa Siraj Biography

    Note: This is the English Wikipedia, it does not use Tamil text except for the author's nameSyed Mustafa Siraj [Bengali: ????? ???????? ????? ; 1930 - 4 September 2012 (82 years)] was an eminent Bengali writer. In 1994, he received the Sahitya Akademi award for his novel Mythical Man (Aleek Manush), considered his most lauded work. In 2005, his short story "Ranirghater Brittanto" was made into the film Faltu by Anjan Das. He wrote around 150 novels and 300 short stories. He is the creator of the detective character Ex-Colonel Niladri Sarkar aka "Goenda Colonel", the Detective Colonel.

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