BirthdayJune 16, 1921
BirthplaceBelfast, UK

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  1. About Sheila McGibbon

    Full name: Sheila McGibbon
    Also known as: Sheila McGibbon, McGibbon, Sheila
    Professions: British actor

  2. Sheila McGibbon Death information

    Died: Saturday, 4th of October, 1997 (Age: 76)

  3. Sheila McGibbon Biography

    Sheila R. McGibbon (June 16, 1921, Belfast, Northern Ireland – October 4, 1997) was an Irish stage, radio and television actress. She was born to a modest Catholic family in 1921, and died in 1997, the same year as her husband, John Graham, a Protestant IRA volunteer and later pro-golfer. They had seven children whom they raised in the Belfast area.Throughout her distinguished career, she starred in numerous plays in the Abbey Theatre, Dublin, and in the Lyric Theatre, Belfast. According to Irish Playography documents, she starred in over 30 plays. She also starred in numerous radio, television, and movie roles. Some of the plays and radio shows McGibbon starred in were later broadcast on television which she also starred in. Her first radio broadcast was on February 26, 1955; her last was on June 29, 1995. In 1988 McGibbon appeared in the television dramatised documentary, God's Frontiersmen as "Elizabeth Brownlee", and was offered a role for a film but declined.

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