BirthdayAugust 8, 1976
BirthplaceSanta Barbara, USA

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  1. About Mike Calvert

    Full name: Mike Calvert
    Also known as: Michael Calvert, James Michael Calvert, Calvert, Michael
    Professions: British soldier

  2. Mike Calvert Death information

    Died: Thursday, 26th of November, 1998 (Age: 22)

  3. Mike Calvert Biography

    James Michael Calvert DSO and Bar (6 March 1913 – 26 November 1998) was a British soldier involved in special operations in Burma during World War II. He participated in both Chindit operations and was instrumental in popularizing the unorthodox ideas of General Orde Wingate. Calvert frequently led risky attacks from the front, a practice that earned him the nickname "Mad Mike." He was court-martialled for an alleged act of indecency and dismissed from the Army in 1952. He wrote three books about his military service but failed to find a career in engineering, writing, or academia.

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