BirthdayDecember 0, 1989
BirthplaceKabul, Afghanistan

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  1. About Marina Golbahari

    Full name: Marina Golbahari
    Also known as: Marina Golbahari, Golbahari, Marina
    Professions: Afghan actor

  2. Marina Golbahari Known for

    Osama (2003), Act of Dishonour (2010), Mina Walking (2015), Opium War (2008)

  3. Marina Golbahari Biography

    A lovely young actress who was discovered by director Sadiq Barmak. At the time she was 13, working the Afghani streets of Kabul as a beggar to help feed the family. The director hired her to play the nameless girl turned boy "Osama" in the film Osama (2003). She used her earnings to shelter her parents. Noticable for her beautiful smile, she is ...

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